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At Birmingham City University, their mission is to enable students to transform their lives and to achieve their potential. The university showcases students from a diverse range of backgrounds that reflect the city of Birmingham whilst forming a rich, vibrant and energetic community!

Birmingham City University has placed a new onus on sports science and athlete development, demonstrated by its new state of the art sports campus in the city centre, including a sports hall, cricket nets and fitness suite.  

Birmingham City University have been integral to the development of the South Asian Cricket Academy through its funding of the research that underpins the programme, as well as granting use of the fantastic sports facilities on site.


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Purpose of Life is a UK-based non-profit charity that was established in 2014, who are extremely dedicated to providing aid within the UK and throughout the world. 

Purpose of Life support a number of causes overseas as well as here in the UK, such as helping refugees in Jordan, delivering food and equipment to orphanages and schools in deprived areas of South Africa, Bangladesh and more. 

As Platinum sponsors, Purpose of Life support the South Asian Cricket Academy and hold similar values. They believe that we are all one family irrespective of race, religion, colour etc. Purpose of Life believes no one has superiority over another, except through piety and good actions.

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For over 37 years, Pearn Kandola has been driven by a desire to make the world fairer; they want to make the modern workplace fair for everyone by promoting Diversity & Inclusion and eradicating prejudice and unfairness. Pearn Kandola are a team of psychologists and, as such, know the importance of difference to the success of your business and your employees.


Pearn Kandola help businesses understand the value of difference – so that they can be more inclusive, more inspired and more successful. They offer workplace-based services alongside an innovative range of digital solutions which enable you to embed your D&I initiatives further throughout your organisation, wherever your teams are based.

As SACA's Gold Sponsors, Pearn Kandola believe that businesses and organisations should embrace the power of difference. That’s why Diversity & Inclusion is at the heart of everything they do, and their expertise in this area covers the entire employee journey.

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The Warwickshire Cricket Board (WCB) is responsible for all recreational (i.e. non professional) cricket in the county. They work closely with the England & Wales Cricket Board ‘to provide a cricketing future for all’, and liaise closely with the professional game via their  colleagues at Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

The WCB co-ordinate and support a wide range of activities designed to provide playing opportunities for adults, boys, girls and people with disabilities. They have supported SACA through the combination of funding, coaching, mentorship and research to help implement the inaugural SACA girls programme. 

SACA will continue to work closely with the WCB, to mutually develop an understanding of how best to approach the development and retention of female British South Asian players.


MPA Financial Management Ltd is a specialist firm of Chartered Independent Financial Advisers.

'Inform, Educate, Inspire'

These are the three promises that MPA make to their clients: that they will help to inform your knowledge and approach to your financial management, improve your financial position and inspire you to achieve your life goals. MPA is built upon an ethos of professionalism, with their culture heavily grounded in teamwork – working together and with their clients to deliver the best outcomes and highest standards of client care.

Based in Henley-in-Arden, the firm have been operating since 1988 and manage well over £650m in investments on behalf of their clients. MPA have been ranked in the Top 100 Adviser firms in the UK by Citywire for the last 7 years and offer a number of personal financial services as well as a vast array of corporate financial solutions available in customisable packages.

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