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SACA is an intervention programme designed to tackle the inequalities highlighted by research regarding the lack of British South Asian (BSA) representation in professional cricket across the UK. SACA currently operates across the South East, South West, Midlands & North of England, as well as recently expanding to Scotland.

SACA is a short-medium term strategy to support BSA players and coaches whose career cycles do not allow them to wait for systemic changes in the game. SACA aims to disband within 3 - 6 years (2028), with the intention that changes to the game nationally shall render it unneccessary.

To achieve its goal of increasing BSA representation within the professional game, SACA acts upon research to provide bespoke cricket programmes for squads of BSA male cricketers aged 18+. Such players are trained by expert coaches and sports professionals over winter months, followed by playing fixtures against county 2nd XI's in the summer season. 

SACA recognises that there is limited research regarding BSA female cricketers. Through its partnership with Birmingham City University, SACA will initiate, fund & implement research to increase the understanding around the lack of BSA female representation in women’s elite cricket. SACA has also partnered with Warwickshire CCC to provide a bespoke cricket programme for their BSA female players females aged 13-15 which continues to expand each year. 

SACA is a non-profit which relies solely on the funding/donations from its fantastic partners & sponsors. Every aspect of the funding goes towards increasing the opportunities for British Pakistani, Indian, Sri Lankan & Bengali male & female players & coaches, to enter into the elite professional environment. 

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